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Welcome to Growums!

Here at Growums, we feel that by providing children with a remarkable experience to grow their own garden – along with the help of fun characters who coach them in a fun online experience – the kids will be attentive and successful in their real-life gardening adventures. Our own kids have done it, and so can yours! And we can tell you from experience: The joy on their faces and the fun they had digging in the dirt – then eating what they grew – was immeasurable!

Meet the Growums

Growums Spotlight – The Great Zucchini

Nothing up my sleeve…be prepared to be amazed! With a wave of my wand I shall pull vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium out of my hat! Of course, a great zucchini cannot reveal his secrets. I mastered my tastefully nutritious skills via my Mexican zucchini ancestors, who brought great vitamins and minerals to the delight of audience members of all ages!

  • Favorite Trick: The classic “Saw-a-Pumpkin-in-Half!” (This involves a brave member from the audience and three doves.)
  • Favorite Nickname: Squash (You can call me that, too. “The Great Zucchini” is my stage name.)
  • Next Show: Harvest time!
The Great Zucchini

How It Works

Step 1 home image


Select from our selection of fun, tasty and easy-to-grow gardens below.

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Plant and follow the step-by-step video series for the garden(s) you purchase.

Step 3 home image


Harvest a bounty of delicious produce with your own green thumb!

Get your garden kit!

Taco Garden on Home page

Taco Garden

Duke the Cuke home

Salad Garden

Tomicio tomato home

Pizza Garden

Frank Cilantro Home

Herb Garden

In the News

Position your next fundraiser for success the fun and nutritious way with Growums!

  • Help fund school events
  • Give students the opportunity to grow healthy food
  • Join the fight against childhood obesity

Contact us at to learn more.

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