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Grow Out For Pizza!

Hi, I’m Baby Basil! Did you know that many flavors in delicious meals come from special plants called herbs? I’m one of those!

I don’t make vegetables like some of my Growums friends. Instead, I grow sweet and spicy leaves that you can eat. (That means you can harvest and enjoy me almost right away!) The more leaves you pick, the more I’ll keep growing!

  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Part-Time Job: Roadie for Elvis Parsley, Frank Cilantro and Regan O. (I help set up the stage for all of their herbal concerts.)
  • Home Address: 123 Growums Pizza Garden Parkway (If I’m not there, try the Growums Herb Garden. I hang out there every day, too!)
  • Special Talent: If you rub my leaves on your skin, I work like a natural insect repellent! (Not many other plants can do that!)
Baby Basil
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Meet Some of Baby Basil’s Friends

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