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Growums Cheerleader

Hooray! Thanks for reading my info page! I’m a cheerful carrot that “roots” you on to good health and great eating habits!

You can find me in the Growums Salad Garden, but my original roots are from Afghanistan. While I’m the typical cheery orange, my family members come in all kinds of colors, including purple, white and yellow!

  • Favorite Cheer: Two, four, six, eight! Growums friends are really great! Goooo Growums! Yea!
  • Favorite Flower: Queen Anne’s lace (That’s my cousin. Her blooms look like my pom-poms!)
  • Secret Crush: Tomicio (He’s the captain of the Pizza Garden team. Gosh, I wish he’d look my way…)
  • Hobbies: Cheering on great eating habits, optometry (Carrots encourage healthy eyesight! Whoo hoo!)
Carin carrot coloring page image
Carin carrot wallpaper image

Meet Some of Carin’s Friends

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