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The Neighborhood Onion

Hello. I’m Chester Chive – an easy-to-grow onion that can help you bring extra flavor to your salads, potatoes and any meal that could use a little zing!

I may not be as fancy-looking as my pal Brok Lee, but I’m delicious, full of vitamins and eager to show you how helpful I can be! (Some people cry because I make them so flavorfully happy!)

  • Favorite Person in History: George Washington (I cannot tell a lie: He loved chives!)
  • Favorite Foods: Soups and baked potatoes
  • Blooming Secret: I can grow beautiful purple, globe-shaped flowers! (Some gardeners even plant me in flowerpots.)
  • Hobby: Finding cures for bad breath (I’m a nice onion, but sometimes I can be a real stinker.)
Chester Chive
Chester Chive coloring page image
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Meet Some of Chester Chive’s Friends

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