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Chocolate Cherry Tomato

Hi! I’m Coco! They call me that because I’m a chocolate tomato. (No, not “chocolate” like the candy – but I’m still sweet and yummy!)

I may not be as red as my friend Bonni, but I’m just as delicious and good for you! Cherry tomatoes are fun to pick, eat and juggle. (But if you can’t juggle, just stick with picking and eating them!)

  • Favorite Color: Chocolate
  • Favorite Candy: Chocolate
  • Favorite Weird Amendment: Chocolate … Just kidding! It’s actually elephant manure. (And that’s definitely not chocolate!) According to the circus, elephant manure supposedly grows the best tomatoes. (Who knew, right?! Now please pass the chocolate.)
  • Hobbies: Clowning around with other tomatoes like my friend Jaune Pear (She looks like a piece of fruit! Oh, I also like eating chocolate.)
Coco Chocolate Cherry tomato coloring page image
Coco Chocolate Cherry Tomato wallpaper image

Meet Some of Coco’s Friends

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