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Rock and Roll Legend

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and seen a frilly green thing next to your food? That’s usually me: Elvis Parsley.

But ladies and gentlemen, I have left the restaurant and entered the Growums Herb Garden! Of course, you can always use me to dress up your plate. Just don’t forget to enjoy me in your meal, too! (Thank you very much!)

  • Favorite Song: “Blue Suede Roots” (Well, it’s one for the garden, two for the row, three to get planting, now grow, cat, grow!)
  • First Love: I can’t help falling in love with moist soil and 5 hours of direct sun!
  • Hobbies: Helping soups, salads, potatoes and chicken get all shook up with awesome flavor
  • Next Performance: (Visit the Growums Herb Garden for tickets and show times.)
Elvis Parsley
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Meet Some of Elvis Parsley’s Friends

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