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Jalapeño Fantastico!

Hola, amigos! I am Hal E. Peño, a jalapeño pepper that can add some heat to your tacos, salsa and nachos (among other foods)!

I spice up the Growums Taco Garden with a tasteful zing and can turn any boring meal into a zesty fiesta! If you want to heat things up, plant a pot of peppy jalapeño peppers! (Say that three times fast!)

  • Favorite Party Trick: I start off as a green pepper but will turn a festive red if you keep me on the plant longer. (Olé!)
  • Favorite Music: Salsa
  • Favorite Hobby: Exploring outer space (The jalapeño was the first pepper to go up in the space shuttle in 1982!)
  • Secret Heat Source: Capsaicin (That’s the special oil in peppers that makes me taste spicy!)
Hal E Peno
Hal E Peno pepper coloring page image
Hal E Peno pepper wallpaper image

Meet Some of Hal E. Peño’s Friends

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