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Cool Lettuce Rapper

Hey, Growums peeps! What’dya know?

I’m the cool lettuce rapper – Ice Berg –Yo!

I’m famous and crunchy, and I make food awesome!

I’m the rockin’ vegetable that doesn’t come from a blossom!

I’m in the Taco Garden – and I’m here to please!

You can put me in your taco or in ham and cheese!

  • Favorite Family Fact: My ancestors came from Egypt, Yo!
  • Favorite Rock Band: The Butterheads
  • Favorite Pastime: Chillin’ with my Growums Taco band (Tomas the tomato on guitar, Frank Cilantro on backup vocals and Hal E. Peño on the electric maracas)
  • Hobbies: Performing around the world in awesome foods everywhere
Ice Berg
Ice Berg lettuce coloring page image
Ice Berg lettuce wallpaper image

Meet Some of Ice Berg’s Friends

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