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Yellow Pear Tomato

Bonjour! (Hello!) I am Jaune Pear. Don’t let my apPEARance fool you: I may look like I belong in a fruit salad, but I am really a yellow tomato!

I am a small tomato that’s only about 2 inches long, but you cannot miss me because I am so bright and cheerful! My curvy shape brings a little Ooh la la to the garden, don’t you think?

  • Name Meaning: My first name, Jaune, actually means “yellow” in French! (C’est magnifique! Cool, yes?)
  • Growums Family Tree: A second cousin, Tomicio; and two second cousins, once removed, Tomas and Bonni
  • Favorite Color: Sunny yellow
  • Favorite Fruit: Watermelon (I bet you thought I’d say pear!)
Jaune Pear
Jaune Pear coloring page image
Jaune Pear wallpaper image

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