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Well-Traveled Watermelon

Hello, I’m Melonie – a very sweet and refreshing watermelon and nutritious snack!

You’ve probably seen really big watermelons at the supermarket. I’m not as large as those – goodness, no! Normally a watermelon doesn’t like to share her weight with anyone. But I like you, so I’ll confess: I’m only about 8-10 pounds! That’s light enough for kids to carry! (Take me to the closest picnic cabana, please!)

  • Watermelon Type: I’m called an “icebox type” because I’m small enough to fit inside a refrigerator. (It’s a nice place for me to chill out.)
  • Favorite Vitamin: Vitamin C (Watermelons are a great source of it!)
  • Favorite Tropical Beverage: Water (I’m actually 92 percent water by weight. I just love those cute drink umbrellas!)
  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Any warm place where I can soak up the sun!
Melonie watermelon coloring page image
Melonie watermelon wallpaper image

Meet Some of Melonie’s Friends

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