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Ruler of Salad

Greetings, friend of lettuce! You clearly are interested in learning more about excellent vegetables, and for that I applaud your great taste!

My extraordinary existence came into being via my ancestors on glorious Cos Island, Greece. Today, I have grown to become the fearless leader of the Growums Salad Garden, where I rule over (and tolerate) my colorful subjects Carin, Duke the Cuke and Tomicio.

  • Famous For: Making wise snacking choices
  • Growing Style: Leads best in cool weather (But I still need at least 6 hours of full sun a day.)
  • Favorite Food: Fresh salad (And do you know what a salad’s main ingredient is? Me!)
  • Hobbies: Anything that doesn’t waste my time (I’ve got a lot of important ruling to do, you know.)
Roman romaine lettuce coloring page image
Roman romaine lettuce wallpaper image

Meet Some of Roman’s Friends

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