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Friendly Radish

Hi, I’m Ruby – an easy-to-grow, tiny vegetable with a lot of big crunch!

I’m a zippy little thing. If you plant me by seed, I’ll start peeking out of the soil in 2-3 days, and you can harvest me in about a month! Wheee! I’m really fun to pull out of the ground, too – just gently pull on my “hair,” and I’ll pop out to say hello! (Hello!)

  • Home Soil: Originally from western Asia, just east of the Mediterranean
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Fact: Radishes are typically small, but the Japanese type of radish (called the daikon) grows up to 18 inches long!
  • Favorite Foods: Salads and contemporary French cuisine
Ruby radish coloring page image
Ruby radish wallpaper image

Meet Some of Ruby’s Friends

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