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The Cute-Pea Sisters

Hi! We’re Sugar Snap & Sweet Pea – delicious vegetables that are fun to grow, pick and eat!

Our peapods have a sweet crunch and make a tasty stir-fry. (That’s why you can find us in the Growums Stir-Fry Garden.) We also make a quick, yummy snack right off the vine. ­Peas­ enjoy our healthy goodness!

  • Favorite Person in History: Christopher Columbus (He brought peas to the New World in 1493!)
  • Favorite Flower: The cute, white (or very light pink) flowers we grow on our plants (Peas don’t pick them! They’ll turn into the yummy peapods you’ll get to munch on later!)
  • Special Skill: Capturing nitrogen through our roots (Nitrogen is an important nutrient for plants. It gives us good, green growth!)
  • Hobbies: Climbing up trellises and fences; keeping bodies and hearts strong
Sugar Snap and Sweet Pea
Sugar Snap and Sweet Pea coloring page image
Sugar Snap and Sweet Pea wallpaper image

Meet Some of Sugar Snap & Sweet Pea’s Friends

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