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Magical Entertainer

Nothing up my sleeve…be prepared to be amazed! With a wave of my wand I shall pull vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium out of my hat!

Of course, a great zucchini cannot reveal his secrets. I mastered my tastefully nutritious skills via my Mexican zucchini ancestors, who brought great vitamins and minerals to the delight of audience members of all ages!

  • Favorite Performance: Growing in the Growums Ratatouille Garden
  • Favorite Trick: The classic “Saw-a-Pumpkin-in-Half!” (This involves a brave member from the audience and three doves.)
  • Favorite Nickname: Squash (You can call me that, too. “The Great Zucchini” is my stage name.)
  • Next Show: Harvest time!
The Great Zucchini
The Great Zucchini coloring page image
The Great Zucchini wallpaper image

Meet Some of The Great Zucchini’s Friends

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