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Famous Growums Chef

Ciao! I am Tomicio – tasty tomato, chef and vitamin-rich vegetable! (The redder I get, the better I’ll be!)

You know, before my ancestors came to the United States from Peru and Italy, they dreamed of becoming part of amazing meals everywhere…and then typing about it on the Internet. Today, I live that dream from the comforts of the Growums Pizza Garden and Salad Garden!

  • Growums Family Tree: A son, Tomas; a niece, Bonni; and a second cousin, Jaune Pear
  • Favorite Food: Veggie pizza (Hold the anchovies, please.)
  • Favorite Vegetable: Carrots (Tomatoes and carrots have a long history of growing well together. Maybe that’s why Carin always wants to sit with me.)
  • Strengths: Vitamins A and C, potassium and iron; the strong support of friends…or a good tomato cage (Either works for me.)
Tomicio tomato coloring page image
Tomicio tomato wallpaper image

Meet Some of Tomicio’s Friends

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