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Introduce Your Child to Gardening

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Imagine a world where the vegetables and herbs in your garden come to life – in more ways than one. It all begins with the Growums™ gardening kit that makes it simple for children to start a fun and easy- to-grow healthy garden.

What makes the Growums program so special is that it combines learning and fun in the real garden with an exciting, educational online experience. So as the children’s real gardens grow, so will the Growums virtual world. It’s easy for kids to enter this enchanted land, where their vegetables come to life for both fun and learning. The Growums family will teach you and your children how to grow vegetables and herbs until harvest. They will tell you when and how to start, transplant and care for your plants all the way from beginning to end. Soon there will be an entire world of fun and Growums games to play, with points and prizes to win. As a parent, you can share your child’s excitement as they grow their real garden and explore our virtual world of gardening.

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